A small bread machine for my small kitchen – just perfect


Late last year, the idea of owning a bread machine struck my mind. I eat bread regularly. As a matter of fact, there is always bread in my kitchen at any time of the day. I was in the process of monitoring my expenses when I realized that buying a bread machine would unburden me some financial obligations. This is particularly true because I wasn’t willing to give up on my bread. I am still not of the idea of abandoning my bread escapades at all.

Bread has always been my savior especially on the days when I don’t feel like cooking. I live alone and my apartment is quite small. As a matter of fact, I don’t have enough kitchen space. I have had to exercise a lot of creativity for my kitchen items to fit. This explains why a big bread machine wasn’t such a good idea. Also, I didn’t have a lot of cash to spend on a large one. My greatest fear was to not find a small bread machine that could fit my kitchen.

You can’t imagine how relieved I was upon finding out that there are plenty of small bread machines. A quick scan on the internet revealed different types and brands of small bread makers. Of course, I didn’t just want a small appliance – I was looking for something more.

I literally compiled a list of bread machines. I was determined to find one of the best bread machines on the market. I was looking for an appliance that could remain with me for the longest time possible and still deliver efficient results. I looked how well each of the machines bakes bread, the taste of the bread as well as the ease of use of the bread machine. Since I was working on a budget, the price of the bread machine also came into play.

Basically, the customer reviews for the various machines were very helpful. I must admit that it was such a daunting task to choose from the best of the best. However, in the end, I believe I made the right decision. I finally found a bread machine that fits perfectly well on my kitchen shelves. I am also happy that I don’t have to rush to the stores to buy bread. I only have to stock the relevant ingredients in my kitchen cabinets. Besides, I like the fact that I can choose what ingredients goes to my bread.

Before Buying A Bread Maker

dough in bread machineBefore I even tell you why you need to go through bread maker reviews, I personally love making own bread at home. I can’t really tell when this started; all I Know is that I am fond of this activity that I find myself doing it every single day. To me that has been a blessing, because over the years I have fed my family and even friends with properly baked bread. Interestingly, what I bake has in away become something that my kids always look up to every single morning.

Despite of everything I can’t really say the whole thing has not come with its own share of issues; before I became good in what I do, I am one of those people who have tried every single bread maker available in the market. That has not even been the worst side of the whole thing; a few years ago I spent the largest share of my savings on a bread maker after a lot of friends recommended that model. Interestingly, just before two week even lapsed my bread maker broke down and there went all my savings. From that moment, I promise myself to go through bread maker reviews before I dish out my money for any model. For me that really worked out for I cannot even start to list all the good things I have been able to achieve through reading these reviews.

Price comparison is probably one of the best things I have netted by just going through a number of bread maker reviews. After all, for a world where major brands are taking their products and bread maker reviews into the internet, with a click of a button, I get access tons and tons of bared maker brands with their prices. Besides, I also get to see what other previous users are saying about a particular product. So if you are currently thinking of buying a bread maker, I suggest you go through a good number of bread maker reviews before you go out shopping. After all; that is the only way you can get the kind of maker you have always wanted.

Hunting for the Best Bread Machine!

So I needed a new bread making machine. But I had to consider two things, the value it would add to my family and I, as well as the best price. I needed something that would be convenient and easy to use, but also affordable. We are a family of 4, that includes my husband and 2 kids. I found some great options as I did my shopping. It was easy to shop online for the best value bread machine that would suit my needs, because I do not have time to go out from shop to shop comparing bread machines.

So I searched for online reviews in order to get a feel of what is available out there on the market. I looked for the most expensive, and considered why it was the most expensive, and then looked for the cheapest and found out why it was deemed the cheapest. Well, along the way, I also discovered a few things that helped me to decide on which bread machine I would buy.

I eventually bought the Sunbeam 5891, it performs as great as the other expensive models, and it suited my pocket perfectly! It makes 2 pound loaves which works well for my family, and is programmable! I found it very versatile and extremely easy to use. And I especially love the excellence in which it kneads dough. I was chuffed with myself when I discovered that professional chefs sometimes purchase it just to utilize the kneading function, as it saves them a lot of time and energy. I was also extremely impressed by its ability to make evenly baked bread.

Plus, it has extra features too, for example, there is the dough only function, which is loved by many expert chefs, the bake-only function as well as the jam settings. I love to have an added crunch to my bread, and this machine is great because it tells me exactly when to add dried fruit like raisins, or nuts. Last but not least, it was only $60! Now that’s a bargain for all the features and quality of bread you will be getting!

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I save money by making my own bread

baked bread

When I went to the local supermarket the other day, it suddenly occurred to me how expensive bread has now become. The price of bread has almost doubled in the past five years. To add insult to injury, now the bread manufacturers have decided to make smaller loaves of bread but still charge consumers the same amount. I was so frustrated that I decided to look for an alternative to buying bread at the local store. Someone suggested that I read more bread machine reviews in order to find a machine that would allow me to make my own bread at home.

The reasoning behind the decision to make my own bread at home is quite simple. I calculated how much it would cost me to make my own bread. I included the cost of all the ingredients that I would need to make dough, which included a cup of warm water, two tablespoons white sugar, quarter ounce package bread machine yeast, quarter cup vegetable oil, one teaspoon salt and three cups of bread floor. When I included the electricity costs for baking a 2.5 pound loaf of bread, I found out that it was much less than what I was paying for at my local supermarket.

Saving money by making my own bread was not the only benefit that I now enjoy after buying a bread machine. For starters, there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly made bread. When I take the loaf from the bread machine, it is still warm and I enjoy spreading butter on a warm slice and seeing how it melts. I also have more control of what I’m eating and I can make different types of bread. Perhaps the best thing about homemade bread is that it is fresh and doesn’t have additives and preservatives and so it’s healthy for me.

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